Superwinch’s S4000 SR Winch Removes “Stuck” From Your Vocabulary

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.14.02 PMA vehicle that is capable of high speeds on the track or torturous terrain outside of civilization is also capable of getting seriously stuck. Whether it’s a gravel trap, tire barrier or a ditch that wasn’t expected, sometimes getting out under your vehicle’s own power is hopeless. However, if you have the right equipment, these situations change from desperate to minor events. Welcome to the Superwinch S4000 SR.

There are winches and then there are winches. This is incredibly the latter. Capable of handling 6,400 pounds rolling weight through a 50-foot long, ¼-inch thick Dyneema synthetic rope, the S-Series Race Trailer Winch is ready for any kind of accident. A particularly attractive update is the switch from wire ropes to synthetic, which prevents scratching even the most expensive paint schemes.

Operating a winch from inside the tow vehicle prevents your from having the best vantage point. The S4000 features a 30-foot handheld remote switch to help you easily assess the situation while towing. Switching from high tech to brute force, the large and heavy-duty latched clevis hook will easily keep hold of all 6,400 pounds of force.

To compliment this performance machine, a few accessories from Superwinch can further extend its capabilities. The Trailer Wiring Kit allows for easy and safe power transfer for trailer-mounted winches. For missions requiring stand-off ranges, the Certus Wireless controller offers instant plug-and-play convenience up to 50-feet. Finally, when you have this much invested in your winch, the Vinyl Winch Cover is a must.

For more information, head to the Superwinch official site. Check out the video below to see Chris fully review and demonstrate this hugely capable offering.


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