Superwinch Gator Grips Ramp You Up Anywhere, Anytime

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.34.33 PMNo matter how rugged your tires or high your ground clearance, if you spend a considerable amount of time off road, odds are you will eventually get stuck. Rocking back and fourth can work but if you’re simply without grip, the situation can quickly become precarious. To get out of those time consuming, highly frustrating jams, pick up a set of Superwinch Gator Grips!

Some of the most effective innovations are the simplest in concept. Gator Grips certainly fit that description. Rather than a complicated system of ropes, chains, pulleys, etc., these 48″ x 13″ traction ramps simply insert tough, well grooved and grippy surfaces under your tires. In essence, instant traction virtually wherever your vehicle is entrenched.

There is no assembly and use could not be more straightforward. Place the Gator Grips in front of the drive wheels to move forward or behind to reverse. That’s all there is to operation. Just in case the ramps are pushed down into mud or snow, 36″ straps are provided for easy recovery. This basic but hugely effective design works for cars, trucks, ATVs and virtually anything on tires. A carrying case is also provided for easy storage in any vehicle.

For more information and to purchase, head to the Superwinch official site. Check out the Motorz episode below to see Chris gets hands on with these ramps and much, much more!


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