Stifflers Chassis Stiffening System

Stifflers3Adding stiffness to your suspension provides a number of benefits: better handling, less chassis flex, improved safety, etc. In order to further add stiffness beyond the factory hardware, usually sway bars provide the answer. However, thanks to the Stifflers company, there is now an alternative.

With their Chassis Stiffening System, Stifflers provides the added stiffness regiment you’re looking for at an extremely competitive price. Including traction bars along with front and rear subframe components, this kits helps your vehicle to minimize chassis flex. It also improves handling by providing sharper response while maintaining ground clearance  Thanks to better handling, your vehicle will also be able to generate straighter launches which equates to more controllable power.

Stifflers2Beyond performance benefits, the Stifflers Chassis kit also increases side impact safety. Overall, the system helps to increase performance, add safety and increases the life of your vehicle.

Best of all, while kits differ depending on vehicle type, most are simple bolt on applications and made right here in the U.S.A. The system is available for Mustangs ’83+, Camaros ’82+ and F150 Lightning and Harley Davidson editions.

For more information head to the Stifflers website and watch Chris go into greater detail below. Head over to the Partz page to see more information about pricing.

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