Stiffen Up Your Ride with Stifflers Chassis Stiffening System

We all know that having a stiffer suspension is a great way to get better handling out of your vehicle. Usually this is accomplished by adding sway bars and other components, trying to find a good combination that works together well. The only downside was trying to find the right combination of suspension components to get the job done.

Well, the folks at Stifflers Automotive have made it even easier with their complete Chassis Stiffening System. Their all in one kit includes traction bars and front and rear sub frame connectors. These all tie together seamlessly and attach to your vehicle’s rocker panels. With everything designed to work together, it greatly enhances the handling performance of your vehicle while doing away with the headache of mixing and matching components. Check out Chris showing just how simple the good folks at Stifflers Automotive have made it in the Partz segment of the latest episode!

You can also catch this and a whole lot more in the full episode it was aired in.  You can find that here!


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