Stand Tough With Pro Comp Shock Absorbers

ProComp ShocksMany vehicles spend their lives on smooth pavement, gentle drives or simply transport a driver to and from work. However, when it comes to trucks that are used for work, it’s a much different story. Trucks like that not only need to come from the factory with tough components, but require regular maintenance to keep up with such demand. While the power train is put under stress, the suspension can undertake equally brutal forces. Keep your truck’s ride in peak condition with Pro Comp Shock Absorbers.

Each Pro Comp shock absorber kit is made specifically for individual vehicles and tested for quality. With a design that allows for greater strength yet less unsprung weight, these shocks allow a rare combination of performance and toughness. A variety of kits are available no matter what the application. From a base pickup to a heavily modified or lifted truck, Pro Comp has a kit ready for the task. Better yet, Pro Comp components are made to have durability that matches their considerable capability.

For more information on Pro Comp shock absorbers, head to their official website. To see Chris go through installation step by step and much more, check out the video below!


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