Spark Plugs (S03E10)

Chris Duke shows you how to inspect and change spark plugs, and discusses E3 high performance spark plugs.

This episode (S03E10) originally aired on MavTV on May 23rd, 2010. This version contains the entire show, but with fewer commercials.


E3 Spark Plugs

Episode Notes

If you think all spark plugs are the same, then you need to watch this episode! We show you how to properly remove, inspect, clean, and re-install spark plugs. We also take a look at high performance spark plugs and learn why they are so much better.

You may be surprised at the last segment in this episode, which we added well after we wrapped up filming. The remarkable results still hold true, even several more tanks later.

This episode also includes a special segment provided to us by E3 Spark Plugs. It features Stacey David from Gearz TV at Michigan Technological University. Stacey walks us through the University, discussing spark plug technology with several engineers.

Product Information

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This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.

  1. Hey,Question- why, when the manufacturer gives a torque spec do you not use it? 2007 Civic R18 engine calls for 156lb/in of torque for its spark plug installation. Why not use it?

  2. I am trying to use a power drill to open up the coils – the hex nuts in the first step. And for some reason my drill just doesnt work! Please help!

  3. Car Problems – Help! I tried to capture the sound the car was making but im not sure if its good enough :(

  4. please help. I followed your steps to change a spark plug and It broke. I have an f 150 5.4 I tried two more and they broke too. What do I do. I can’t see any way to get the broken part out.

  5. If the e3 design truly produced better results than a single electrode it would simply have been adopted as standard equipment 40 years ago when emissions laws started reforming engine design.

  6. Sir, thank you for your very helpful video. It has given me confidence to do this myself. What spark plugs do you recommend for a 2005 1.8 Nissan Sentra? Would I have to calibrate them?

  7. According to reviews on Amazon, this plug don’t last long, Sure it gives you better performance and fuel mileage but after 6 months it’s replacement time.

  8. The E3 design is nothing new. Their design has been used in aircraft reciprocating engines since the 60s

  9. All schools should teach children about regular car maintenance because this is a topic everyone can use for the rest of their lives!

  10. I have a 2001 Dodge Ram I replace the spark plugs with E3 spark plug WOW Thanks Motorz for that tip

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