Small Block Teardown (S05E01)

Chris Duke shows you how to tear down a junk yard small block Chevy 350 engine to prepare it for rebuild.

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AMP Research
MAHLE Motorsports

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Craftsman 56-piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set
AMP Research BedStep2
FST Performance RPM300

Episode Notes

This is the 63rd episode (S05E01) andĀ the season 5 premiere! We’ve got 12 exciting new episodes coming your way!

In this episode, Chris digs up an old junk yard Chevy 350 small block engine and tears it down, part-by-part, showing you how easy it is, and which tools to use. In this multi-part series, we’re rebuilding our Chevy 350 and showing you each step of the way from tear-down, to machining, and the entire rebuild.

This episode also has our regular segments, Partz and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about the budget mechanics tool set from Craftsman (which he also recommends in the upcoming Sears holiday catalog), the all-new BedStep2 from AMP Research which mounts on the side of the bed of your truck, and the RPM300 high performance racing fuel filter and water separatorĀ from FST Performance.


1:30 We are aware that this is not a 69 Chevy pickup. It is a 73+ Chevy/GMC. We were mis-informed.


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. The 283, 327 and the 350 were the best small block Chevys. Chevy cancelled the 302 in ’67 I think. BIG mistake.

  2. Tomas, You don’t HAVE to as long as you start with the center head bolts but im 13 and I know, You need to take the rocker arms and push rods out before taking the head off usually

  3. I would have dumped the block as soon as I saw the 2 bolt main. Want to build a good motor? Purchase a jewelers scale that measures down to a hundredths of a gram and make all your moving parts to weigh the same by carefully removing metal. Then, use feeler gauges to check the tolerance of all moving parts. You will thank me when you see and hear the results.

  4. Hello I’m Walter I have a 1995 gmc pick up truck it’s a 350 i want to know if I can put a supercharged on it ?

  5. Damn you guys, you left the most important part of these instructions out. I got all my tools together and I was half through stripping the motor down when the cops showed up.It turns out you need to make sure the car belongs to you first. I missed out on that little gem which is your fault and so I just started on a car I found down the road.

  6. Never a big fan of videos that advertised items like this one. But ain’t nothing wrong with advertising Craftsman Tools. Booooy those thing work (with lifetime guarantee)!

  7. What’s the diffrence between all the GM small blocks? like can i take parts from a let’s say Oldsmobile and put them into a Cadillac? and so on.

  8. Piece of wooden dowel would have been better to remove the pistons from the blockso you do not mark the underside of the pistons just in case you decide to reuse themwith oversize rings.

  9. I’ve got a 350 in my 1991 pickup truck and she has run like a champ. Even when she had head and freeze plug problems she still ran very well Until I could get her fixed.

  10. I’ve been wanting to learn lots more about cars and so I looked up how to take apart an engine. This looks wayyyy more easy than I thought it would. GIves me some more hope :)

  11. my thoughts quickly, blown head gasket= warped heads , damaged rings due to coolant leak down cylinders ect ect.

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