September 2014 Ridez Winner Announced!

100_1253Here at Motorz, there are few things we enjoy more than highlighting the incredible cars of dedicated enthusiasts. One of the only things we prefer is helping make the rides of those fans even sweeter. With our Ridez contest, we have combined both! Covercraft, makers of the highest-quality car covers on the market, have partnered with us to give away a top-tier cover each month. To win, simply head to our Ridez page, submit a few photos, and you could take home your own Covercraft car cover!

In today’s market, a number of cars seem to have fairly bland names. A combination of letters and numbers may have some significance, but to the uninitiated, they struggle to get the adrenaline running. Yet, then there are the names that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. These would be the ones you hear and are immediately intrigued. One of the best must be the 1972 Dodge Demon 340. It sounds brutal and if Bill ‘Z’ Zeromski’s example is any indication, the name is no hyperbole. This is one very mean ride!

Thanks to a pretty strange petition, the Demon nameplate only existed for two years, almost immediately switching to Dart. In other words, Zeromski’s ride is very rare. After picking the car up in 1993, he quickly had it restored to its stunning present state. The 20 year old Plum Crazy Purple looks factory fresh and the performance is enough to drop jaws. Running 12.94 quarter miles at 104.675 miles per hour tends to have that effect.

The 340 has been bored, balanced and port polished to achieve such numbers. Other modifications include an Eldelbrock Air Gap intake, DynoMax ceramic headers and a 2 1/4 in. exhaust with DynoMax Turbo Mufflers. For even greater kick, Zeromski added a modified 727 auto trans with a TCI shift kit and Turbo-Action 3700 stall converter. Centerline ConvoPro 15×4 front and 15×8.5 rears with M/T tires keep the car firmly on the road. Check out the photo gallery below to see this truly demonic Dodge and head to our Ridez page for a chance to be next month’s winner!

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