SEMA Show New Product Teaser: Superwinch ROAM

Superwinch ROAMI just received this link to a new video produced by Superwinch from our host, Chris Duke, who just got it from Superwinch. Evidently he’s the only person outside of Superwinch that knows what this teaser video is all about. He won’t even tell me what it is, so it’s anybody’s guess. Here’s the video, and what we know so far…


1. It’s a revolutionary new product from Superwinch.

2. It will be announced on November 5th at the SEMA Show.

3. It’s called “ROAM” and there’s a dedicated website for it at

4. According to their VP of Sales & Marketing, Zach Bohn, “this will change winching forever”.

5. There’s a WiFi symbol as part of the “O” in the logo, but what does WiFi have to do with a winch?

6. It has something to do with their winch controller and a new technology that will give you more control and more data such as amp draw, temperature, line speed, run time, and pull weight (taken off the white board in their video).

7. It will play epic music in the background while you use your winch (ok, maybe I’m imagining too many awesome things here…)

But what exactly is it? I have no clue. Chris knows, but he won’t tell me. He did say that he has the exclusive on the announcement so we’ll be the first to announce it on November 5th (the first day of the SEMA Show) before the rest of the media gets to talk about it!

You can sign up at their website to receive an email notification, but be sure to watch our blog, our Facebook page and Twitter because we will have the exclusive official announcement on Tuesday, November 5th!



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