Save Space with the Craftsman Figure 8 Wrench

We use a lot of great Craftsman tools on Motorz, but every now and then we get our hands on a new tool from the folks at Sears that truly blows us away with its design and usability. The Craftsman Figure 8 universal wrenches are one of those truly great tool ideas.

The design is so compact while still delivering superior ability to switch nut and bolt sizes on the fly. With just two sections of the wrench that rotate to provide different sizes, it saves a ton of time and space in your tool box.

You can get them in both standard and metric sizes allowing you to replace 16 different wrench sizes with just 2 wrenches. It also incorporates the ability to work with six different fastener types (including 6pt, 12pt, 4pt, spline, external torx, and even partially rounded hex fasteners), saving you time yet again. Check out this Partz clip with Chris as he shows you just how versatile these wrenches are.

For more information on this great wrench set and our usual great DIY tips, check out the episode it was featured in here!


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