Saleen Gives Black Label An Entirely New Meaning

Saleen S620Fans of the Ford Mustang will no doubt recognize the name Saleen. For decades the tuning powerhouse has been transforming Ford’s pony car from mild to completely untamed. However, the legendary company has also proven fully capable of delivering the same treatment to Chevy’s muscle car. Welcome to the Saleen S620.

Unlike other firms that offer specific components, Saleen’s approach focuses more heavily on complete vehicles. For the Camaro, that includes White, Yellow and Black Label trims. The ‘mildest’ of the range is the White Label, offering 450 HP from the 6.2L V8. In an era that seems destined for turbocharging, the White Label is a fresh twist, keeping every one of those ponies naturally aspirated. The result is uninterrupted, immediate response. A suspension tune, developed specially for the Camaro by Saleen, is also incorporated as are subtle aesthetic touches.

For those seeking a little more, the Yellow Label adds forced induction by way of a supercharger. Power climbs quickly to 625 HP without sacrificing reliability or smooth power delivery. As with the White, the boosted powerplant is complimented by improvements to the suspension, interior trim, exterior and overall aerodynamics. The result is a Camaro significantly above base spec but still usable on a daily basis.

Finally, for those looking for the ultimate Camaro, the Black Label is ready to deliver. Although power remains at 625 HP, both the interior and exterior are given complete overhauls. The driver focused interior resembles sports cars at twice the price with beautifully integrated leather and alcantara accents. The exterior is given a similar treatment with an aggressive but well integrated body kit.

Whether your taste is the White, Yellow or Black Label, each example delivers the hallmark power, handling and design that have made Saleen a household name. For more information and to order your own S620, head to the official Saleen website.

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Photo credit: Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club


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