Hey Chris, I recently got a 1982 K10 Scottsdale pickup. Came with a 350 engine separate. Decided I should rebuild it. Found your show extremely helpful, coming from someone with very little mechanical education. Thank you!
-- Ryan Ames
I just want to thank you for such a fantastic video series. I've only just recently started playing around with cars having started a degree in engineering in Australia. This series was so well planned out, filmed and explained. A very professional job. It has exposed me to the different kinds of automotive tools and their quality.
-- Kathryn Meyer
One of the best how-to mechanics shows out there.
-- Ronald Surber
Very interesting. Being a backyard mechanic I find it informative. Thanks for such a show.
-- Jack Pedersen
Don't own a Jeep, but you show it's not hard to upgrade when you use quality aftermarket parts
-- Jim Wood
LOVE the show, never get bored. Which is rare for me!
-- Roxy Facer
I liked it. Didn't get the feeling I was being talked down to even though I don't know a lot about the subjects.
-- Steven Tiner
Lots of info while still being entertaining!
-- Donovan Kiser
I love that all the segments are brief and to the point, yet offering enough detail to be helpful.
-- Ralph Tomaccio
It's funnier than expected.
-- Tim Hendrix
Nice to see shows made by folks who really know their craft and are passionate about it.
-- David Burdsal
I love it & never miss a episode. Chris & crew do a great job.
-- William Holbrook
Chris tells you what to do but does not talk down to you like some of these DIY shows do. Sorry, most are not professional mechanics.
-- Joe Downey
One of the best how-to automotive shows. The best thing? NO DRAMA!
-- Paul Smith
I love the uniqueness of DIY in a real garage.
-- Brandon Ashlock
Down to earth friendly, and not too technical, but well explained where necessary.
-- Claude D'Aoust
I like it.... great information from guys that obviously know what they're talking about
-- Doug Child
The show is very cool! I like the how-to and to see the new parts and tools! Thanks for the extremely awesome show!
-- Thomas Blade
I've watched all of the episodes and haven't seen a bad one yet!
-- Dustin Wilkie
Like the info, like the hosts, and like the pacing.
-- Richie Namm
Motorz is an amazing show! It is very informative and full of details that other car shows leave out. Motorz TV has never let me down.
-- Devin Caserta
I enjoy the show, its tech tips and product information. Chris and the crew are obviously having fun and enjoy what they do and it shows through in each episode as they have a genuine feeling and don't feel like a prolonged commercial like other automotive shows.
-- Jason Parkinson
I like how Chris Duke gives step by step tutorial of the car repairs and the explanation of what tools are needed. Also at the end reading letters from fans and answering their repair questions is very insightful.
-- Sukdeo Ramsaroop
Awesome presentation on all of the Jeep upgrades, products look fabulous.
-- Gary Hebda
The show is out of this world... very nice!!!
-- Kelvin Prescott
First time I have watched it - thought it was really good and informative. Really liked the teen driver and towing information - both very relevant to my world right now.
-- Jennifer Taylor
I love the show. It has always been a dream of mine to own a Jeep Wrangler with plenty of aftermarket additions. This show makes me want one even more.
-- Jeff Richards
Wow! This show is full of energy... fast cool cars... celebrities/interviews... I loved the show!!!
-- Brenda Schrider
Solid information without the cussing is great
-- Bill Toutz
It's great! Honestly, I initially just watched it to bond with him, but now I really enjoy it.
-- Haley Northrup
I like the way it goes into detail on how to install aftermarket products!
-- Robert Matthews
It's informative, interesting, and just bad ass all together!
-- Troy Wilson
I like the detailed, step-by-step instructions. Makes me think I can probably do it myself!
-- John Gibson
I love it, I never miss a episode even if I don't get to watch on the day it first aired. Chris & the gang have giving me so many tips on how to do things that I can't even count them all. This show has helped me keep me 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie running & looking in tip top shape!
-- William Holbrook
I love the show! It is perfect for us up and coming car enthusiast as well as us who like to DIY.
-- George Johnson
Awesome show I've watched every episode!
-- Dustin Wilkie
I love the show! It's fun, educational, and entertaining. I love seeing all the tools and upgrades.
-- Bryan Adams
Chris, thank you for the wonderful show, very informative! I wish you all the best, and keep it up.
-- Hari Bahrain
I like the direction the show in going in from working by yourself to having a new co-host, Alan.
-- Demetrius Stanley
Love it! Can't say enough good things about it! Informative and easy to follow for new 'mechanics' and those with years of experience.
-- Jamie Williamson
Awesome! Gotta be one of the best how-to shows out there, and there are plenty of them, that's for sure. Keep up the great work! Don't compromise, please.
-- Jeff Curci
I love the show. I could watch this show everyday for the rest of my life. Love it!
-- Roger Findley
Informative with a touch of humor as we learn about all kinds of car stuff.
-- Steven Eggen
The show informative regarding vehicle upgrades, and I really like the information about new Craftsman tools. The show also keeps me energized to work on my project car.
-- Allan Betters
I love the show. I am a mechanic by trade and your knowledge and antics make it a very enjoyable and informative show keep up the good work.
-- Paul Ullom
I love the show and I've watched every single episode until review since I found out about it two years ago. I even went back and watched all the past episodes.
-- William House
I think it's awesome and just amazing on what can be done in a home garage.
-- Bryan Curty
I honestly like your show compared to the other DIY shows on YouTube for the main reason you treat every project like it's directed at the viewer. You don't dumb it down to make it last forever and you don't act like a know it all. Thank you for all you do.
-- Trevor Stevens
Good, bumped into Chris at SEMA and he was nice!
-- Alfred DiVencenzo
I absolutely love the show! I have seen every single episode. I love it even more now that there's a Motorz app. Chris cracks me up.
-- Noah Hammond

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