Renew Your Katzkin Interior With Mothers LeatherTech

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 9.27One of the best ways to make your interior look better than factory is with Katzkin leather interiors. Offering over 3,000 different vehicle applications, Katzkin interiors go beyond just new material. Want to customize your interior with specific logos, stitching and custom colors? Katzkin provides such flexibility and more!

However, even with an interior of such high quality, leather does start to show age over time. We asked Katzkin what they recommend to keep their interiors like new. The answer? Mothers Polish.

Mothers is an extremely well known name in quality vehicle care products and for good reason. Recently, Mothers introduced a new product line of leather care products called LeatherTech. This line includes everything you need to clean, condition and hydrate your vehicle’s interior.

Since you need to clean your leather before conditioning, start off with Mothers Foaming Wash. Specifically designed to maintain your leather’s hydration level, the Foaming Wash prevents premature drying. It also removes stains without leaving any residue or damage to your leather.

After washing, condition with LeatherTech Moisture Fusion Gel Creme. This component replenishes natural oils that are lost over time due to environmental factors such as heat and sunlight. With this multi-step Mothers LeatherTech line, you’ll see immediate results that will continue to protect your leather interior far beyond what a simple cleaning can do.

For more information, head to the Katzkin and Mothers websites. To see Chris give a full review of both products, check out the video below!

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