Ready To Wake The Neighbors? Crank Up These Mustang 5.0 Exhausts

2016-Ford-Mustang-GTFor those of us who have driven the latest generation Mustang GT, we all seem to run into the same problem: it’s genuinely challenging to find any faults. It’s comfortable, has a beautiful interior, plenty of space, an astonishing Coyote V8 and surprisingly capable handling. There’s just one issue that keeps coming up: that lovely engine is a little too quiet for our taste. Luckily, the aftermarket has you more than covered. Here are a few of our favorite options…

Borla S-Type and Atak Cat-Back Exhaust

The Borla S-Type and Atak exhaust options represent the mild and wild parts of the scale. The S-Type delivers a very healthy rumble and aggressive tone but without rupturing any eardrums. Now, if you just hate people who live around you, the Atak is the way to go. Cold starts are almost unbelievably loud and whenever you rev-match downshift, you may startle low flying aircraft. We love it. Your neighbors probably will not. As an added bonus, near redline, it has an almost GT350 soundtrack. Take a listen:

Corsa Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust

The Corsa Extreme falls within the same “go big or go home” decibel family as the Atak. Crazy, wonderfully loud. The tone is definitely distinct from the Borla, however, with a higher tone and slightly more raspy quality. That’s not a bad thing at all. If you’re a fan of high-horsepower German V8 supercars, this music isn’t far off.

Ford Performance by Borla Cat-Back Exhaust

Offered directly by Ford Performance, this cat-back designed by Borla is a great option if you’re looking for a quiet daily driver that can get loud when asked. At idle, it has a beautiful yet restrained rumble. But don’t be fooled. Once metal meets carpet, the Ford Performance exhaust makes the ferocity of the 5.0 well known. It’s an ideal compromise if you want a loud exhaust on-demand without drone or constant attention.

MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust

MBRP’s cat-back basically takes the Ford Performance approach (quiet idle, screaming top end), but takes the top end closer to 11. It has a more baritone sound that the Corsa, with slightly more burble (never a bad thing). Think of the MBRP as a halfway point between the Ford Performance and Corsa Extreme/Borla Atak. Gorgeous sound without having to worry about starting minor earthquakes.

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