Razor’s Crazy Cart Delivers Drift Insanity To Your Living Room

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.45.23 PMSome of the greatest, most cherished cars are the ones designed simply to make you smile whenever you’re behind the wheel. The same can certainly be said for products relating to the auto industry. And, when it comes to the most joy producing of them all, the Razor Crazy Cart has a place all its own. No matter how you approach it, this cart is literally made to make you laugh.
The Razor Crazy Cart is the most dedicated, and likely only, go-cart designed to move as sideways as possible. Sure, when you ignore the drift bar, it will happily following your steering inputs precisely. However, when the time comes to yank the bar, get ready for serious drifting mayhem. That’s thanks to the clever design of the Crazy Cart. By allowing the driver to vary the rear caster angle, you have virtually limitless ways to get sideways.

Better yet, since the cart is battery powered and very compact, it’ll work nearly anywhere. When the batteries run dry, a quick change system only requires you to lift the seat, clip in new batteries and get back to the action. Ready to see the Crazy Cart doing what it does best? Check out its own viral video, Ken Box. We’ve seen countless automotive videos through the years, but when it comes to go-cart homages to Ken Block, we seriously doubt this will be topped anytime soon.

To learn more and to purchase, head to Razor’s official website. Plus, check out the Motorz episode below to see Chris get a hands-on demo of the one and only Crazy Cart!


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