Raxiom’s Smoked Mustang Aero Tail Lights Add Subtle Style

Motorz_MustangTailLightsModifying the exterior of any car can be a somewhat tricky endeavor. Adding too little can understate the performance of a car, while going in the other direction might remove the classic lines of the factory product. This is especially true when it comes to universally recognized muscle cars like the Ford Mustang. In a case of less-is-more, adding a few low-key touches can transform the pony into a true show shopper. Raxiom’s Smoked Aero Tail Lights are a phenomenal example of such an exterior improvement.

These smoked tail lights are designed to not only offer a darker look but also incorporate aerodynamic features. This very sleek upgrade maintains classic Mustang lines while adding modern elements. The white reverse lights are moved to the bottom of the assembly for a much cleaner overall appearance. Additionally, the sequential turn indicator of the factory units is still fully operational without any additional electric work. Department of Transportation approved and offered with a full 2-year warranty, this Raxiom component is designed, tested and built to the highest standards possible. In other words, this truly is a no-risk purchase. To ensure the most convenient installation, these tail lights even reuse factory bulbs.

Able to fit any 2010-2012 Mustang (including V6, GT, Boss and GT500 models), this is a significant exterior improvement for a very budget-friendly price. For more information and to purchase, head to AmericanMuscle.com. See Chris review and install this component plus much, much more in the video below!


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