Protect Your Dash With Covercraft’s DashMat

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.01.15 PMOne of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s interior is to tint your windows. This not only keeps the car cool on hot summer days but it also protects from harsh UV rays. Yet, while tinting your windows does a lot in the way of safeguarding your interior, your dashboard is completely unprotected. This constant exposure to damaging UV rays can cause significant wear to your dash.

To make sure your dashboard gets all the protection it needs, pick up the Covercraft DashMat. Invented over 30 years ago, DashMat has become the most recognized and best selling dash cover available. With this cover, you not only keep UV rays away but also significantly reduce windshield glare.

Unlike some covers, DashMat is designed to stay on your dashboard 24/7 by improving your interior’s appearance while being effective protection. Offered in a wide variety of materials such as soft fiber, rich velour and a suede like fabric, you are guaranteed to find the texture you’re looking for. The same is true when it comes to colors as DashMat is available in a wide variety.

Feel like customizing your dash with logos and text? That’s not a problem either as DashMat offers a wide range of personalization options.

For more information, head to the DashMat website or visit the Partz page. Check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview!

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