Proform’s HEI Distributors Send Sparks Flying

22740100_prf_66940rc_pri_largThe name may not sound critical, but high energy ignition (HEI) distributors serve a vital purpose in the combustion sequence. This component takes the high voltage charge from the ignition coil and delivers it to individual spark plugs in the correct order. The HEI distributor takes the massive charge from ignition and divides it up among the spark plugs in proper sequence. Without this device, combustion could not occur. Whether you need a new distributor or just want to upgrade your old unit, check out the competition distributors from Proform.

Fair warning: this isn’t your father’s distributor. Made to handle all the stresses of competition while still delivering huge returns, this component has a 50,000 volt coil. In other words, it is hugely capable no matter what your demands. This considerable power also means instantaneous response and a strong power curve. Unlike parts from other manufacturers, this distributor is completely new with no reconditioned or previously used components. To ensure strength even further, the cap has solid brass contacts and the housing is die-cast aluminum.

Ready to pick up your own Proform HEI distributor? Need to know a bit more? Either way, head to the Performance Parts website and our Partz page. Watch the video below to see Chris put this powerful piece of kit into action.


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