Pro Comp’s Xtreme Radials Deliver On Any Road

Motorz_ProCompCounting the similarities between a several thousand horsepower top-fuel dragster and your work pickup may result in a short list. Yet, one basic principle remains solidly the same for both: without the right tires, even the most powerful engine will get you exactly nowhere. For heavy duty hauling, towing and demanding worksites, mounting the right rubber on your pickup is essential. For a vehicle that works as hard as you do, go for the best all terrain tires available with Pro Comp’s Xtreme All Terrain Radial A/T.

While Pro Comp may be best known for their off road products, the Xtreme delivers the best of both worlds with much improved performance both on and off the pavement. Advanced Tri-ply construction adds considerable toughness to all four corners of your truck, increasing puncture resistance in the sidewall. Beyond durability, two steel belts and a spiral-wound nylon overwrap deliver much improved stability and overall load capacity handling at highway speeds. Considering how much time you spend in your truck, a comfortably quiet cabin is a must. The Xtreme can even aid here by reducing road noise to a minimum level. Best of all, Pro Comp offers a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty to ensure no doubt of this tire’s capabilities.

For more information and to purchase, head to Pro Comp’s official website. Check out the video below to see Chris offer a full overview of the Xtreme All Terrain Radial!


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