Port-A-Cool’s Cyclone 3000 Garage Chiller

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 5.26After a long week, heading out to the garage and working on your prized ride is nearly paradise. Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t always ready to give you the break you need. Searing temperatures can turn a dream weekend into a rather unpleasant nightmare. Your first option is to air condition your garage or shop. This can be an expensive option and once it is done there isn’t much going back. If you don’t use a space much or frequent between different areas this isn’t a cost effective option. Your best bet is to go with the huge cooling power of Port-A-Cool’s Cyclone 3000.

When we say huge, we mean huge. This portable cooling unit puts out massive amounts of power. Simply provide up to 16 gallons of tap water, 115 volts of electricity and it will cool up to a 700 square foot space. You can also have an unlimited supply of cool air by connecting a water hose.

Generating a very refreshing 3,000 cubic feet per minute of air, any uncomfortably hot area won’t stay that way for long. Weighing in at only 100 pounds and mounted on wheels, you can easily transport this mobile air conditioner to wherever the job is. Measuring 38 inches by 29 inches, you can move the unit to keep it out of sight but definitely not out of effective range.

To learn more and to purchase, head over to Port-A-Cool’s official website and our Partz page. See Chris give a full overview and demonstrate the raw power of the Cyclone 3000 in the Partz segment below!


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