Polish, Camera, Action: Get Rolling With Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway

GoPro HERO4 SilverTaking quality videos of your car isn’t only difficult to pull off, it can get expensive very quickly. Renting thousands of dollars in equipment doesn’t come cheap, and capturing flybys from an iPhone rarely results in any decent footage. The good news: with the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway, that task is about to become much, much easier. From a high-quality camera to extensive car care products and even studio furniture, check it out below! 

Turns out when you’re taking videos at track speeds, holding a camera steady isn’t easy. Enter the genius that is the GoPro HERO4 Silver. Made to take 1080p60 video in even the most extreme conditions, this incredibly handy action cam can take whatever track day throws at it. Thanks to numerous clips, booms and braces compatible with the HERO4, it can film from practically anywhere. Hood, roof, roll bar, over-the-shoulder…the angles are only limited by your imagination. Plan on hitting serious speeds? No problem. The available suction cup mount can handle wind speeds well in excess of 100 mph.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.40.04 PMWith the camera taken care of, the next step is making your ride ready for its close-up. Mothers Polish has you covered. Really, really covered. As in they’re sending our lucky winner twenty-nine of their best car care products. The list ranges from Back-To-Black Tire Cleaner to California Gold Synthetic Wax and substantially more. To give some perspective, the below items are a small portion of what’s included:

Camera: check. Endless car care products: yeah you’re covered. To complete the package, why not have a race inspired office chair so you can comfortably edit those videos? PitStop Furniture will be sending our winner one of their effortlessly cool GT Office Chairs. Beyond being ergonomic, these seats incorporate numerous gearhead touches. Our favorites? The gear shift adjustment lever and spring/big brake kit support.

Ready to take your shot at winning this in-home studio package, along with a plethora of other gear worth a total of $9,000? Enter the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway now!

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