Our Latest Project: This Ford Ranger – And We Need Your Help

Motorz Project Ford Ranger1Taking an already impressive ride and building it further, while solid fun, isn’t always that demanding. Whether it’s a Mustang GT, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150…we’ve been fortunate enough to have a variety of builds. For our latest challenge, we decided to take a very different approach. Ever wanted to be involved with a project car from the ground up? Then roll up your sleeves, because we need your help with the latest Motorz build!

Introducing one pretty rough around the edges 2000 Ford Ranger. Specifically, a 121k mile, V6 extended-cab 4×4. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s exactly that condition in person and no, the light bar wasn’t our idea. But half the magic of a great build is having the eye for potential, and we see something worth serious investment with this Ranger. That’s where you come in. Our goal with this project is something we’ve never done before: a community build.

Before we loosen the first bolt, we want your thoughts on where we should take our Ford pickup. From what our general direction should be to specific components/manufacturers, and anything in-between, your suggestions play a big role in this project. To get the imagination going, here are a few major areas to consider:

  • Wheels and tires
  • Bodywork
  • Engine modifications
  • Exhaust systems
  • Interior components (seats, trim, center console work, etc.)
  • Paint choices

And of course much more. No matter how big or small, we want your feedback for a truly community Motorz vehicle. To get involved, comment below, use our contact form and tag your idea posts on Facebook and Twitter with #MotorzRanger.  Start dreaming, send your concepts our way and stay tuned! The latest Motorz build has begun!

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  1. Ranger’s just naturally fall in line as the perfect sized pre-runner build. I say let the Christmas shopping begin!

    What kind of money can we spend overall?

  2. I would supercharge it make all the hp you can get if that happens to be the 4.0 sohc you can get some of the parts form explorer express. To be honest I have seen them form insane lifted to lowered being a 4×4 im sure everyone is going to tell you to lift it, but you could make a nice awd track truck, you could even swap a 302 in it. Pretty sure they even have kits for the new 5.0 also. Id watch that trans thru if it happens to be a 5r55 heard they don’t make parts for them no more.

    Still saying go with a all wheel drive high hp truck

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