October 2014 Ridez Winner Announced!

Ridez_October2014As we enter into fall, cold weather is fast approaching. When it comes to protecting or storing your car, that fact can be particularly concerning. For the best protection in your climate, you won’t find a better solution than Covercraft car covers. To win your own and spotlight your pride and joy, enter the Motorz Ridez contest! Simply submit a few photos of your ride and you could be next month’s winner!

A few muscle cars have names so iconic that the very mention of them brings pictures to mind. The 1970 Plymouth Cuda’ is no exception, particularly when it is an example like Paul Zahler’s 440 6 Pack. For a number of years Paul, from Bowie, Maryland, had dreamed of owning the car, but finding a reasonably priced, well restored example is no easy task. After accidentally stumbling upon his uncle’s Cuda’, it wasn’t long before its new home was his garage. The car underwent a mild restoration five years ago, but Paul left as much stock as he could.

Although the engine appears original, it has undergone modification to put down a very potent 500 horsepower. With the exception of a rare Mopar rim blow steering wheel, the interior is straight from the factory. Future plans include adding 18 inch wheels without low profile tires to keep the classic look. Paul enjoys watching Motorz episodes, particularly ones focusing on rebuilding engines and suspension upgrades. “Chris is a really good host and explains things in a clear concise way,” he said.

Feel like being featured and taking home your own Covercraft car cover? Head over now to our Ridez page and submit a few photos of your own prized ride!

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