Name This Jeep Project!

There’s so much that we’re going to be doing to this 1968 Jeep CJ5 over the next few seasons, it’s hard to say at this time what it will end up looking like.

We know it will get a bigger lift, bigger tires, and just about everything will be improved or modified. And you’ll get to see it happen every step of the way through Motorz TV!

One thing we don’t have is a name for this project! That’s where you come in!

What should we call it? The shorter the better. Get your gears crankin’ and help us come up with something cool!

Whether you are camping out in our forums, on Twitter, or on Facebook, please let us know your suggestions!

You can also post your suggestions in the comments area below, or contact us directly via the site’s contact page.

If we select your project name for our Jeep, we’ll send you some Motorz stickers and our new Motorz TV billet aluminum keychain now available in our store!


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