“Mustang Restyling” Episode Now Online!

Motorz_MustangRestylingThose of us that truly love cars know it isn’t a just a passion, it’s a lifestyle. Even the most advanced, complete vehicle can always be made that touch faster, more efficient or just plain incredible to look at. Welcome to Episode 3 of the sixth season of Motorz! The 2010 Ford Mustang is easily more than enough car for the majority of buyers. However, there are a plethora of aftermarket companies looking to update and enhance the look of the modern pony car.

Troy Downey of A.P.E. Wraps, pictured with Chris above, outfitted our ‘Stang with a beautiful paint-look wrap. That’s a very solid first step but it’s just the beginning! In this episode we feature a huge amount of aesthetic components that transformed our Mustang from a street machine to a full on show-quality daily driver. AmericanMuscle.com provided a spectacular array of additions that we bolted onto our car with stunning results. Other upgrades include a full Katzkin leather interior, Bravado Performance wheels, Mickey Thompson Street Comp tires and much, much more!

This episode really is a case of having to see to believe. Check out exactly how far Chris takes the 2010 Ford Mustang in this episode! To see a breakdown of all the components we feature in each Motorz episode, head to our Partz page.

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