Mustang Muscle (S06E04)

Chris Duke shows you how to install an Air Lift Suspension System, SSBC Brakes, ProCharger Supercharger, Magnaflow Exhaust, and more.

Product Mentions

Craftsman Tools
Air Lift Suspension System (PN 95723)
ProCharger Supercharger (PN P-1SC-1)
SSBC Big Brake Kit (PN A112-12 front)
SSBC Big Brake Kit (PN A112-13 rear)
Ford Racing Billet Engine Cap Cover Kit (PN M-6766-M54)
Ford Racing Coated 3-Valve Cam Covers 4.6L/5.4L (PN M-6582-C543V)
Magnaflow Exhaust (PN 16572)
AeroForce Technology Interceptor
SilverHorseRacing Hood Strut Kit (PN S197-820)

Partz Features

Craftsman C3 Max Axess Auto Ratchet Socket Kit (Model 39558)
Granatelli Coil Packs w/Coil On Plug Connectors
ProCharger i-1

Episode Notes

In this 78th episode of Motorz, and Part 2 of our two episode build of our 2010 Ford Mustang GT project vehicle (watch part 1 here), Chris adds some serious muscle to the Mustang by showing how to install an Air Lift Suspension System, SSBC Brakes, ProCharger Supercharger, Magnaflow Exhaust, and some additional products such as SilverHorseRacing’s hood strut kit, AeroForce Technology’s cool Interceptor digital gauge, plus a billet engine cap cover kit and chrome valve covers from Ford Racing. Just be sure to stick around and watch the entire episode for Partz, Letterz, our bloopers at the end, and lots of other great motor-head stuff!

In Letterz, Chris answers viewer mail, and in Partz, Chris talks about Craftsman’s newest tool in their line of C3 cordless products, the Max Axess Auto Ratchet Socket Kit! He also shows how you can increase power and MPG just by swapping out your coil packs with Granatelli Motor Sports’ Coil Packs, and then as if you aren’t topped out with enough info already about how to cram more awesomeness into your Mustang, Chris gets the word out about ProCharger’s latest supercharger, the i-1 which is the world’s first supercharger to feature a touch screen control that allows you to switch between three factory supplied performance modes, and more! Plus it comes in a new powder-coated black color too!

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end during the credits!

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This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. Hey you guys should install a cam like comp mutha thumpr on that mustang, detailed video plz

  2. great new vid. I have a cool idea (or at least i think its cool) you guys should take a car like a mustang or something else and make a track car. I have always been interested in turning my genesis into an autocross machine and it would be cool to see what ideas you come up with for a track/daily driver.

  3. what are your thoughts on air bagging for colder climates, such as canada was thinking of getting a mustang and thinking air bags would be a good way for when it does snow to have a better ground clearance and of course winter tires for my daily driver?

  4. Wow one of your best episodes yet!! would really like to see is you guys could do an in depth instillation of a lift kit.

  5. First time seeing an Air Suspension on a Mustang. Honestly, I like it Seems so much easier to adjust then modern aftermarket suspension kit. :D

  6. Digging the mustang, but I’d love to see you build a liw and mean street truck. Any plans for something like that in the future?

  7. Hello, I am an auto tech student and I love your shirt. How do I get one to wear around the school shop?

  8. Hey there from UK, yes am from UK and I love the show and all the good tips, keep the good work up and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  9. Yeah was hoping that there was more coming, I also hope you still remember all my suggestions that I mentioned before, :-)

  10. i love the look of those valve covers. ive put a set of them on my F150 already9as well as a cam), but i cant find that Raptor style grille anywhere. ive got a 2006 so its the same as the one you all did, and it would really pull the whole thing together if i could find one

  11. Hey Chris, one other note on the S197’s Brakes. The Hydraulics are also shared with the Hydraulic Clutch if you have a manual! So very important to not let the fuild level get too low. Thanks for shopwing all these things I wish I could afford to do to my car! ;)

  12. i ran all my lines inside my car. remove both fender liners and there are grommets on the fire wall that you can run safeley inside like you would an amp power wire. it would suck going down the road and something snags the line and it slames moving down the road

  13. hey guys love the vids. pls do a similar video but on a japanese car e.g. s2000 or something else with all the same things and maybe even audio and interior for one bus episode. keep up the good work and well done on this build.

  14. Great video first time watching. Whats the name of that air suspensions??? Is it special made for the mustang or its a universal kit.

  15. can u guys tell me where can i buy those side skirts and chin spoiler as well plss

  16. Is it a turbocharger? I know you said supercharger but it’s intercooled and has the piping that a turbo usually needs.

  17. I’m not a big fan of Mustangs, but your Mustang looks awesome! I love the appearance and performance mods that you have added it to. Also Red is my favorite color and it looks great on that car.

  18. Motorz TV selects SSBC Brakes for 2010 Ford Mustang GT SEMA build. The SS Brakes installation begins around 6:40. #mustang #SSBCHow to Install Air Lift Suspension System, SSBC Brakes, ProCharger Supercharger, Magnaflow Exhaust

  19. Im getting air bags for my car and the only problem im having is trying to figure out how to get the controller up the front of the car with out it looking ghetto

  20. A good idea if you are changing your front dampers is to get a strut brace, since you are loosing all the bolts you need to loose to install one. If you’d like your car stiffer! :)

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