Motorz TV on Cable TV in January to 18M Homes

untamed sports tv

After two seasons of Motorz TV and 32 episodes (41 if you count the 9 we filmed at the 2009 SEMA Show last month), I am thrilled to announce that Motorz has made the leap to big-time cable television!

Starting at the beginning of January 2010, Motorz TV will be on Untamed Sports TV, seen by 18 million homes by the end of Q1 2010.  Airing three times per week, every week, as a full half-hour show!

Motorz TV will be part of their new motorsports block of television and will air on Friday night during primetime, as well as two other times during the week.

If “Untamed Sports TV” is unknown to you, it’s because it is still fairly new! About a year old now, it has been making its way across America and is in most major cities.  Their website is a tad-bit outdated, and they promise a refresh soon.  Their focus is on outdoor sports and motorsports.  So if you’re into any of that (and you better be!) then this is the channel for you!

In the mean time, stay tuned to this blog for more details on where you can watch it.  For example, here in San Diego it is on COX Cable channel 197.  More details are coming soon!

Please note that Motorz TV will continue to be published on the web as well.  Since season 3 has a new half-hour show format, I may be making some changes to how it is distributed online due to time limitations at some video sharing sites.

Sponsors Wanted!

I am looking for sponsors for the show, specifically for 30-second commercials.  If you’re interested or know of someone who is, please contact me ASAP!

  1. SaWeeet! This is fantastic Chris. I'll be looking for it on Comcast cable. If they don't have it – they'll be hearing from me! TinT

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