Motorz TV Commercials

Cindy CrawfordYou may have noticed recently some commercials in the newer SEMA Show-filmed episodes. These commercials are for other shows in the AutoStream network and are hugely valuable.

What we’re doing should be obvious: I’m telling my viewers about two other awesome automotive shows, The Smoking Tire and Everyday Driver, and likewise they are doing the same for my show.

I wanted to share some feedback I’ve already received about the Motorz TV commercial which airs on The Smoking Tire.

Chris, I totally love your show.

Got to know it watching Matt’s Smoking Tire, and already downloaded and watched all episodes, I also love to install aftermarket parts myself.

Cheers, keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

Facundo Saravia
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Few take the time to write in about these success stories, but for myself and the rest of the AutoStream gang, this is huge. Not only because of the confirmation that the referrals work, but also demonstrates how far reaching our shows are (true global interest, even in Argentina!)

Please let us know if you’ve heard about one of our shows through another one of our shows in the AutoStream network!

In case you’re wondering what the Motorz TV 15-second commercial looks like:


which appears in The Smoking Tire (about 4 minutes in):


and Everyday Driver (about 30 seconds in):


P.S. Matt Farah just posted something similar at his site. Check it out!

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