Motorz May Tool Giveaway: Craftsman’s Electric Pressure Washer

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.53.44 PMThere’s a difference between quality tools and professional grade. Above average design and function is helpful, but if you want products made to an even higher standard, there’s only one Craftsman. To celebrate that legacy, we’re having a Motorz May Tool Giveaway! Simply head to our Facebook page, enter, and you could take home a Craftsman Electric Pressure Washer with Steam Cleaner!

Speaking of made to a higher standard, try a pressure washer that delivers 1,700 PSI. Pretty impressive, especially considering that power only requires you to find a basic wall socket. In case that wasn’t enough versatility, the Pressure Washer also doubles as a Steam Cleaner for maximum utility indoors and out.

One critical drawback of any electric device is that range only extends as far as the power chord. With Craftsman ingenuity, that’s an easy fix. Thanks to a 26 ft. hose and 35 ft. chord, unless you plan on power-washing the lunar rover, you definitely will not be running short. Easy maneuvering comes courtesy of 6.5 inch wheels, providing useful clearance without requiring an extra shove.

In terms of functionality, the universal motor and axle cam pump propel water through the quick-connect wand. Cleaning options further expand overall versatility, including fan, soap and turbo nozzles. Better yet, the system is compatible with Craftsman’s direct-from-concentrate detergent system.

Ready to try out your own? Just head to the Motorz Facebook page, enter our May 2015 Motorz/Craftsman Tool Giveaway, and you could be this month’s winner! To learn more about the Pressure Washer with Steam Cleaner and much more, head to Craftsman’s official website.

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