Motorz Episode “Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 2” Is Live!

s07e05-640x480Here at Motorz, we’re not satisfied until the volume knob clicks all the way to 11. In Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 1, Chris Duke showed you the first round of modifications to make your Wrangler boldly stand out. Then Alan Taylor explored how to top a 270 mph speedo by visiting our kind of mad scientists at Hennessey Performance. Ready to max the volume? Then strap in, because the second half, Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 2, is now live!

First up, Chris will show you how to install one of our all-time favorite Jeep mods: HIDprojectors Bi-Xenon LED Projector Headlights. Beyond the visibility provided by LED Projector Headlights, this kit also includes color-adjustable ‘demon eyes’, and a red housing that brings a highly custom look. Finishing off our Wrangler’s lighting setup are a pair of zLED Tail Lights. Installation is surprisingly easy and gives your Jeep an additional edge.

With the lighting taken care of, it’s time to make this Wrangler as fast as it looks. To make the exhaust as free-flowing as possible, plus adding a much more purposeful sound, Chris shows you how to install the aFe POWER 49-46231 MACH Force-Xp Cat-Back Exhaust System plus aFe POWER 48-46208 Twisted Steel Y-Pipe. In addition to powertrain, we also beefed up suspension capabilities with the Rare Parts Drag Link & Tie Rod kit, plus Rare Parts Dual Load Carrying Ball Joints and RCV Off-Road Performance Products axles. For the finishing off-road touch, Chris will also show you how to add Riddler Differential Covers.

In the upcoming episode of Motorz, our Wrangler is going to be traveling well off the beaten path. For both safety and a custom touch, we installed a SmartWhips Off-Road LED Lighted Whip. Controlled via a smartphone app, SmartWhips provide limitless color options along with brake light integration to make sure you always have light and a way to signal for backup when needed most.

All of that, and we’re not even at the half point of this episode. Next up, Alan Taylor heads out to the legendary Bob Bondurant Racing School to try out the fastest Dodge SRT models, including the Hellcat and Viper ACR. He’ll also sit down with the living legend himself, Bob Bondurant, for a one-on-one interview you do not want to miss. After, it’s time to head off to the greatest aftermarket show in the world, as Chris and Alan host the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage at SEMA 2016!

Back in the garage, Chris will demonstrate what to do when the dreaded ‘check engine’ light appears with a Craftsman 5-pc Extreme Grip Wrench Set. Speaking of how to avoid trouble, he’ll also review the massively capable Superwinch S-Series Performance Trailer Winch 5,500lb S5500SR, a must-have for pulling seriously heavy cargo. Lastly, you’ll want to stick around to see why adding Interco Vortrac Tires & Swamper Wheels should be a go-to on your build list.

All of that in one episode? Now that is turning the dial up to 11! Sit back, buckle up, hit play and get ready for Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 2!

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