Motorz Episode “Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 1” Is Live!

s07e04-640x480One of the best things about the Jeep Wrangler is the sheer scale of aftermarket potential. No matter what your goals, there are a plethora of parts available. That’s particularly true when it comes to exterior components. From bumper to bumper and everything in-between, ready to make your Wrangler truly unique? Then get ready to hit play, because we’re exploring how to modify your Jeep’s exterior and much, much more in Motorz Episode 88, Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 1!

Our first round of exterior modifications are designed for both form and function. Plan on bringing your Wrangler closer to the sky, or just making it more accessible? Chris Duke will show you how to install the AMP Research BedStep and Powerstep, each adding serious convenience and a purpose-built look. Considering how hard your Jeep is designed to be driven, that engine could use some TLC, too. With the RK Sport Hood, we’ll show you how to add both extra aggression and ram air cooling in one step. Wrapping up round one of our Jeep upgrades, Chris shows you how to add a sharp combo of a Drake Offroad Grille, Fuel Door and Shift Knobs. 

As much as we love modifying project cars, the need for speed never goes away. That includes setting world speed records. Buckle in tight for part two of this episode, because Alan Taylor is heading to Hennessey Performance to get a taste of the brutally fast Hennessey Venom GT. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the other speed demons lurking around this speed paradise.

Not quite enough to feed your auto appetite? Stay tuned for Partz, where Chris gives you a first hand look at industry-leading car care offerings, including a Craftsman CanOBD2 Code Reader with ABS and Covercraft Jeep Cargo Liner. Speaking of car care, should your pride and joy get stuck in a rough spot, we’ll show you why the Superwinch Winch2Go is key to have onboard.

From modifying your Jeep to setting land speed records, it’s all waiting below. Click play and strap in for Motorz Episode 88, Jeep Wrangler Exterior Part 1!

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