Mickey Thompson Muscle Car Tires

MT TiresWhen you’re looking to upgrade the suspension on your vehicle there are a number of aftermarket upgrades you can bolt onto your ride. However, when it comes to getting the most performance for your money, few upgrades can compare to a new set of tires. For those of us that enjoy track days or even just spirited driving, standard road tires may not do the job. If you’re looking for a high-performance tire that fits into your budget, one of the biggest names in racing, Mickey Thompson, has introduced the Street Comp tire.

With the Street Comp tire, Mickey Thompson has incorporated its considerable racing experience into an everyday usable street tire. The Street Comp is Mickey Thompson’s first ever tire designed specifically for late model muscle cars. This ultra-high performance (or UHP) tire offers not only phenomenal straight-line traction in the quarter-mile and on-ramp runs, but also provides solid grip when the corners get fast. What exactly does UHP mean? Since muscle cars deliver considerable horsepower and torque, Mickey Thompson designed the Street Comp tire to transfer all that power to the pavement.

Whether it’s a freeway blast, your favorite backroad or an autocross meet, Street Comp has you covered.

While most high-performance tires are best used in the dry, the Street Comp tire was designed to provide supreme performance in both wet and dry conditions. Even better, with these UHP tires, you don’t need to sacrifice ride comfort for performance. All of this goes without mentioning the high-performance look that these performance tires will add to your muscle car. Available in 18 sizes, Mickey Thompson has just the fit you’re looking for. For more information on Mickey Thompson tires, head to the official website. Also check out the video below to see Chris go into detail about these exciting new tires.

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