MGP Caliper Covers Complete The Big Brake Look

Motorz_MGPCoversUpgrading the exterior of your ride is a balancing act. Too much in some areas or too little in others can upset the coherence of the design. Body upgrades are the first to grab attention, followed immediately by wheels, tires and brakes. Adding more aggressive wheels can inject character into your ride. However, having more metal at all four corners easily exposes factory brake calipers. Considering manufacturer brake calipers aren’t exactly designed for looks this may be less than desirable. Bolt on that big brake look without the huge cost by fitting MGP Caliper Covers.

It’s a rarity to find an aesthetic component that performs a secondary, useful task. That’s exactly the case with these covers. While they certainly offer a visual upgrade they are designed to significantly cut down on brake dust. In other words, far less time spent cleaning intricate wheel designs. Made of aerospace-grade aluminum for unmatched strength, MGP covers are hydraulically formed for an exact fit over factory calipers. Instead of mass producing a limited number of sizes, each set is designed for an individual make and model. Virtually no matter what you drive, you can find MGP caliper covers for it. Customization options include CNC precision engraving and paint matching options.

Best of all, these covers can be installed in less than ten minutes with minimal skill required. For more information and to purchase head to MGP’s official website. Check out the video below to see Chris walk you through this aesthetic upgrade and many more!


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