May 2014 Ridez Winner!

-ridez_05_2014a (1)Keeping your vehicle fresh during the winter months can be an exercise in futility. However, achieving the same through the summer is far more realistic. One of the best ways to maintain the factory-fresh look is by keeping your ride under a professional-quality car cover from Covercraft. Feel like winning one of your own? Once a month, a winner of the Motorz Ridez contest is featured here and takes home a Covercraft cover! To enter, simply head to the Ridez page, submit a few photos of your ride and you could be next month’s winner!

This month’s winner took “the boss” to a very new level. David Lovett’s 1967 Pontiac GTO started life as one of the most impressive muscle cars ever made. When his muscle car enthusiast mother passed away in 1998, Lovett inherited the car. It was in fairly rough share but he decided to change that. In his own words, “restoring this car was not only a rolling tribute to her memory but a labor of love.”After eight years, Lovett managed to make this GTO better than factory all with his own hands. From the Pontiac 400 engine and transmission rebuild to extensive body and paint work, this is one of the best prepared goats you are likely to see anywhere. Check out a gallery of Lovett’s GTO below!

To be next month’s winner and to take home your own Covercraft car cover, head to the Motorz Ridez page to submit a few photos of your pride and joy!

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