Machine Shop (S05E02)

Chris takes our Chevy 350 small block to the machine shop to show you the process of machining a block.

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AMP Research
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Craftsman 51 pc. MAX AXESS Mechanics Tool Set
Craftsman DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
3dCarbon Side Quarter Panel Scoops

Episode Notes

This is the 64th episode (S05E02). Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop your engine block off at a machine shop? In this episode, Chris meets up with Britt to find out exactly what happens. We couldn’t film this episode in our own studio because of all the specialized precision equipment that is needed, so we went on location to show you how it’s done by a professional.

This episode also has our regular segments, Partz and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about a new tool from Craftsman to help you with those long bolts, introduces an innovative new vehicle programmer/tuner from SCT that works via Bluetooth with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and he shows you a cool retro body accent piece for your Mustang from 3dCarbon! Be sure to catch Letterz, too, as we have a special shout-out to one of our viewers!


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. I am not familiar with how machine shops do what they do , I like everything I saw except the part where he moved the block from one part of the shop to the other via straps thru the main caps. Is this normal ?

  2. hey, you line bore first, then align hone to finish size, boring makes the holes round, else your just honing a a hole that isnt round, all measurements are determined by the crank center line!!!!!

  3. There is one thing I would like to know, who is that Gorgeous girl at the beginning Gorgeous as a Doll !

  4. Im looking for 292 six cylindet –four bolt mail engine to replace my 327 v; 8. To put in my 60, s chevy van

  5. That ITSx is a huge rip off. You can purchase bluetooth or wifi OBDii interface on amazon for 12 bucks

  6. At the shop I used to work at we had old cranks and bearings that we’d use adn clearance the block BEFORE any other machine work was done.

  7. Pistons are slightly eliptical, relationship between material and expansion under heat, so do you measure the bigger diameter or?

  8. as an amature I question do most engine even need to be machined. What happens to a block that is out of tolerance ? I never heard a mechanic saya car won’t run because the pistons are worn.I’m just asking a question. I know i’m wrong but I can’t answer why

  9. Very well done. You guys even mentioned in 5 seconds an old secret of mine that used in building the fastest engines in my day.

  10. I’m surprised a shop this nice lets their operators use dial bore gages like that. Those are notoriously inaccurate even when used properly, and using them properly is a bitch.Spend a few thousand and get real bore mics and never second a measurement.

  11. Was just curious why they torqued on a torque plate…..but then show them honing the block without it. Then a little bit later the torque plate is back on while they are honing it?

  12. Reiteration of a theme, done 14 million times. The 1st generation 350ci built from 1968 to 1987 make about 315hp@4800rpm at the flywheel with pump gas and 9.5:1 compression. Add a 268H cam, and four barrel intake with a Carb, blowing out 1-5/8 primary tube headers. About the same as the V-6 in the 2014 Camaro. Lame.No CNC style ports, unless you opt for later Vortec heads. These are getting lame, tired and are now low buck claimer class at dirt tracks having to run the 883 head castings with 2bbl carbs because the good 462 head castings are all but a memory.These old school 350’s are lame now. No detonation sensors, no variable valve timing, heavy Iron cylinder heads with poor port design and smog large cc chambers.1st gen small blocks are OLD like me.Save time, and in the long run your sanity. Build an LS-1 and enter the Twenty first century as a human male-upright and leave stone age Cro-Magnon behind.LS-1 is now the most popular swap. 350 real street-able horsepower at the rear wheels, not just gross hp at the flywheel

  13. I had crowner in my engine for few years. Then one of the loop end up worn out. I took the engine completely part and discovered a lot of metal scraps everywhere. I brought new Thumper cam instead of crowner. Rebuild whole thing. You name it. I’m loving Thumper cam better than crowner. Crowner is pretty good but Thumper is better.. At least for me.

  14. They have an ad for E-3 spark plugs. I put those in my Harley Big Twin a few years ago and haven’t run anything but them since. I get better gas mileage, I can burn regular gas, it doesn’t overheat and I live in Houston and ride even in the heat, and it quit popping, chugging and spitting gas out the EFI port.That is the best ten bucks I have spent on my bike. I swear by them now.And I am not getting paid to say this either.

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