Light Up The Road With PIAA Driving Lights

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 11.49When we built up our Motorz F-150 for the 2012 SEMA Show, we installed a TrailReady bumper which featured cutouts for 6″ driving lights and 4″ fog lights. For both, we went with the best from PIAA. For the 6-inch we chose PIAA’s LP570 driving lights and for the 4-inch, the LP530 fog lights.

Keeping things on the cutting edge, both of these light kits are full LEDs. This means they are extremely bright while consuming much less power than standard lights. While the LP530 LED lights are bright, the LP570 lights bring it to an entirely new level. While testing them here at Motorz we found that they are brighter than any light of their size.

While driving at night, they light up the road considerably more than anything out of the factory. They turn on to full power with the flick of a switch giving you immediate visibility when you need it.

Installation was one of the easier parts of the truck preparation  Our TrailReady bumper came with the light buckets you’ll need for installation alone with all of the required hardware. While the job requires some patience, it is a low difficulty task. Simply put, it is a straight forward one man job with immediate results.

For more information head to PIAA’s website. If you’d like to know more about the TrailReady bumper, check out our review or see the TrailReady website.

For both, check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview!

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