Send us your question for Chris Duke to answer on the show.

Option 1: Video

Record your question in video form! We’ll accept your 720p or 1080p video question! Stand next to your ride or sit inside it, or just have some fun with your question (the more entertaining the better!) Then upload it to YouTube and use the form below to send us a link to your video so we can download it. We’ll send you a video release form if we end up using it on the show, so make sure your email address is correct!


• Make sure there isn’t any background noise (music, road noise, other people talking, etc.)
• No branding: Make sure there aren’t any logos in the background, video watermarks, etc.
• Keep your question short and to the point, and under 15 seconds.

Option 2: Email

Please use this form.

Option 3: Snail Mail

Want to go old school with pen, paper, envelope and a stamp? No problem! Send your letter to:

Motorz TV
Attn: Letterz Dept.
10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy #356
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