Let’s Wake The Neighbors: Five Insane Muscle Car Exhaust Notes

GT350RRegardless of what cars you’re into, here’s something we can all agree on: most muscle cars sound amazing. True, some non-V8 models are on the quiet side (read: Mustang EcoBoost, Challenger SXT, etc.). But when there’s a full-on, high-displacement, eight-cylinder tower of power up front, the sound out back can move mountains. Looking for vocal chords ready to wake up friends in neighboring countries? Here are five we cannot hear enough….

1. Ford Mustang GT350R

The standard Mustang GT sounds good. Throw on a loud aftermarket exhaust and it sounds even better. The GT350R does not sound like a Mustang. It sounds like the soundtrack to the end of all creation. It starts with a low, loud rumble at residential speeds. Classic muscle car stuff. But as revolutions climb, an incredibly aggressive bark joins in, growing in violence until the 8,300 RPM red line. It’s beautiful, sonorous, terrifying and brutal all at the same time. Oh, and way, way beyond loud. It’s one of the most unique sounds you’ll ever hear come out of a car. And quite possibly the best.


2. 2016 Camaro SS

With 6.2 liters and 455 hp, the V8 in the 2016 Camaro SS should sound good. What it absolutely should not sound is this good. When spec’d with the optional MPP exhaust, the Camaro SS doesn’t just sound prolific for a sub-$50k muscle car. It sounds mind-blowing for anything at any price point. Don’t even worry about aftermarket options. Just spec the dual-mode exhaust, leave it on track mode each night, and treat your block to a wake up call of bald eagles singing the praises of freedom and all things ‘Murica. Hopefully they like it. Because they’ll definitely hear it, along with most of your state.


3. Challenger Hellcat

It’s a 707 hp, supercharged, 6.4L V8. Mortal words are not necessary nor can do justice. Help yourself to the repeat button. We just got done breaking ours.


4. 2006 Ford GT

We’re sure the new Ford GT is going to sound fantastic. We’re not as confident it can meet the precedent set by the 2006 GT. Combining thunderous V8 rumble with supercharger whine, the first reincarnation of the original GT40 brought the sounds of domestic power back into the supercar world. Loudly. There is yet to be another car that brings the noise quite like the ’06 GT, and given the rise of forced induction, likely won’t be for the foreseeable future. It’s no surprise these have doubled in price in barely over a decade. Frankly, the sound alone is well worth the price of admission.


5. 2016 Dodge Viper 

Think the Hellcat has big displacement? Compared to just about anything, it does. Just not the eight point four liter Hammer of Thor nestled under the Dodge Viper’s hood. Probably not surprisingly, that makes it the largest displacement engine currently in production. Thanks to side-exit exhausts and hilariously little sound dampening, every one of those 645 ponies make themselves abundantly present. It’s one of those rare cars that is instantly identifiable by its engine note, which in this case, is a stunningly beautiful mix of V10 scream with muscle car bass.

Given its ‘tricky’ handling characteristics and seeming desire to kill its driver, you’ll probably have your last moments driving a Viper. But you’ll go out listening to the closest thing to heaven on earth we can imagine. Just take a listen…


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