Legal Street Racing And Raging Infernos: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

street racing flag girlWith all of the events taking place in the world, it can be difficult to spend time online and still crack a smile. However, your faith in humanity may just be restored with the following three videos. From a street racing prank that shows off hilarious police officers to a man risking his own life to save strangers and even the laws of physics being defied: amazing is a fairly accurate description. Ready to remember what a wonderful world this can be? Check out this week’s collection of Viral Vehicle Videos!

Street racing in an unbelievably bad idea. Countless videos online show how it can damage public property, risk innocent lives and require dangerous high speed chases. Get caught and you likely will spend some quality time in a steel cage. In the video below, it looks like your typical street race at the beginning. A $220,000+ Ferrari California pulls up along side a Tesla Model S. A flag girl stands between the two and right in front of a police officer waves the checkered flag. What happens next is… nothing. Both cars pull away peacefully at perfectly legal speeds. In both instances, police cars pull the Ferrari over. The attitude shown by the officers is priceless. Check it out below!


Physics are usually pretty concrete. Beyond the occasional “bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly” story (which on its own is pretty mind-blowing), these laws stand firm. For example, slamming into the back of a car on your bike generally ends in many, many ouchies. What should never happen, according to our eighth grade science teachers, is precisely what unfolds in the video below. After what looks like a developing fatal accident, the rider in the clip below ends up not just walking away, but doing so in spectacular fashion. Put simply, this is one you must see to believe:


Car crashes are never fun. At best, they can hurt your wallet. At worst, lives can be irreparably damaged. Thanks to one prepared and unimaginably brave hero, what could have been a grizzly, tragic crash ended up in multiple saved lives. With no regard for his own safety, this random driver grabs a fire extinguisher and proceeds to pull a grandma and her one year-old granddaughter from the inferno. We often hear of super-human feats but seeing one on tape is epic. Check out the video below and you will be talking about it for some time to come:


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