K&N Air Intake Kits Let Your Engine Breathe Easier

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 4.00The combustion engine is an incredibly complicated mechanism. The overall process sounds simple, yet the complexity of the mechanics involved is anything but. At the very beginning of this process is the most elemental step of them all: getting air into the cylinders. This usually takes place through an air filter. Factory air filters may perform the basic task but they do not aid much in the efficiency of your engine. Fill the lungs of your vehicle far more easily with K&N air intakes.

K&N is one of the most widely recognized names in the auto industry for very good reason. Few companies produce vehicle components of the same quality and performance. With K&N air intakes, performance and longevity are bought to much higher levels. While air filters certainly need to stop any debris from entering the engine, a too-restrictive unit can limit engine capability. Units such as those from K&N are able to provide peak performance while ensuring the purity of the air entering the combustion chamber. This easier airflow leads to more horsepower, better acceleration and longer engine life.

K&N air filters simply replace your factory intake and are available for a huge variety of vehicles. Best of all, K&N provides an unmatched million-mile warranty on both the intake box and filter. To learn more and to purchase, head to the Performance Parts website and visit the Partz page. See Chris get hands on with this performance intake in the video below!


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