Keep Tabs On Every Engine Function With The Torque Pro App

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 5.06.12 PMFor car enthusiasts, few things are more rewarding than a well planned and executed project. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cars lack anything but the most essential gauges, typically restricted to fuel, speedometer and tachometer readings. Feel like keeping tabs on your carefully built pride and joy without breaking the bank? Measure hundreds of performance parameters with the Torque Pros app for Android devices!

Using an OBD II Bluetooth adapter, this app is able to read everything your engine management system is tracking. This includes but is not limited to horsepower and torque, transmission temperatures, CO2 readouts, boost (for forced induction engines), any fault codes, error messages and much, much more. For performance applications, it can be used to measure 0-60 times as well as engine performance on a level that rivals some dynos.

More practical uses include reading, decoding and reseting fault codes. In other words, it serves some of the same purposes as a scan tool, which can save you a trip to your service center. The app can also be programed to sound an alarm with vocal overlay when preselected measurement areas (set by the user) exceed normal operating conditions/temperatures. For the most convenience possible, your on-screen display can be customized to show what you find most important out of hundreds of measurement areas.

Over 28,000 people have downloaded the app, which has maintained a strong 4+ star rating. As far as we can tell, the $4.95 asking price is an incredible bargain. For more information and to purchase, head to Google Play. Check out a photo gallery below for app screenshots.


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  1. Yes can you tell me how this hooks up to your vehicle in order to be able read your engines performance?

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