Katzkin Transformation on Motorz TV

Interior Specialist Sponsors Hit Automotive TV Series

San Diego & Montebello, CA, December 21, 2011 – Transforming otherwise mundane automotive interiors is what California-based Katzkin Leather, Inc. is best known for, and will demonstrate in signing a major sponsorship agreement with Motorz™ (www.motorz.tv), the highly regarded automotive TV series.

Based in San Diego, Motorz will showcase Katzkin’s custom leather interiors and their installation as a part of their hands-on, ‘how-to’ TV series. Chris Duke, Motorz host and producer said, “Our relative proximity to Katzkin made it ideal to show how to order and properly install their kits to our growing audience on the Internet, DirecTV and DISH Network. Katzkin is not only the most respected leather seat interior manufacturer, they are also being used by the automotive manufacturers themselves as upgrades in many of their most popular vehicles.”

Katzkin’s Vice-President of Marketing, David Giddings stated, “Chris’ on-air talent and production capabilities are what first attracted us to Motorz. The opportunity to build awareness of our company and product line through a partnership with Motorz is very exciting to us. We believe Chris’ personality, expert installation, and demonstration of our kits will really resonate with the automotive enthusiast market. This, in addition to some innovative promotions, should make for a really exciting season!”

Catch all-new episodes of Motorz Thursdays at 10 a.m. (Pacific) on DirecTV or DISH Network. Can’t watch it on TV? Just log on to www.motorz.tv to watch any episodes you may have missed.

About Katzkin Leather, Inc

Founded in 1983, Katzkin (www.katzkin.com) is the world leader in automotive leather. Headquartered in California, they have additional manufacturing facilities in Asia. Over the past 20 years, Katzkin has developed partnerships with leaders in the automotive industry who match their exacting standards and commitment to customer satisfaction. With more than 3,000 different vehicle applications, Katzkin offers leather-trimmed interiors for almost any car or truck on the road today.

About Duke Networks

Duke Networks, LLC (www.duke.net), a SEMA member, produces Motorz, an automotive television show in partnership with the Sears Blue Tool Crew. Motorz is broadcast on cable and satellite television to over 70 million homes through the Pursuit Channel, My Family TV, and numerous distribution partners including YouTube, iTunes, and TiVo, and is syndicated internationally. For more information, please visit www.motorz.tv.


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Katzkin decal on the set of Motorz

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  1. @sikhsavage When you order your lrthaees from Katzkin you can order extra pieces of leather so that you can cover other interior pieces–but you would have to do them yourself. It’s not that hard, I did this to my old truck’s center console.

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