June 2013 Ridez Winner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor true auto enthusiasts, a car isn’t just transportation to work. It’s a lifestyle. From weekend cruises to daily driving, keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible is a task that requires quite a lot of attention. Keeping your ride in a garage certainly helps but nothing protects quite as well as a car cover from Covercraft. From UV rays to dust accumulation and everything in-between, there simply isn’t a better way to ensure your finish shines on for years. Feel like winning your very own Covercraft car cover? Simply head to the Motorz Ridez page and submit a few photos of your own ride! Winners are announced each month right here at Motorz.

Some aficionados like the show to match their vehicle’s go, while others prefer a far more subtle approach. Dameon Schirer, this month’s Ridez winner, certainly falls more into the latter category. His 2005 Chevy Silverado may look bone stock on the outside but assume that at the drag strip and you’ll see his taillights. Check under the hood to find a Volant Cold Air Intake featuring a ram air scoop and Edelbrock cat-back exhaust system. Exterior modifications include a tanneau cover, Line-x bedliner along with Edelbrock IAS shock absorbers. It is certainly a good start and Dameon isn’t finished yet. Next on the agenda is a power programmer and possibly new wheels.

For your own chance at winning a Covercraft car cover, head to the Motorz Ridez contest page to learn more and submit your photos!

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