June 2012 Ridez Winner Selected!

Each month, Covercraft Industries provides one lucky winner with a custom patterned WeatherShield HP cover in gray or taupe color ($245 to $644 value) with a Motorz logo. All you have to do is submit a photo of your ride for our Ridez Page and the staff here selects a monthly winner!

As always, selecting just one winner when there are so many great entries is one tough job. This month, we decided to stick with the young theme and go with 18-year old Conner Walworth of Mansfield, Texas and his 1980 Chevrolet Corvette!

Read on to check out his awesome ride, and an example of the cover you could win next month!

The last few months of Ridez have been great – there’s been no shortage of great stories coming from our amazing viewers! Last month, we featured another young man named Tyler – who detailed his Mustang build and this month we have another, Conner is fresh out of High School who details his very first vehicle and build, a 1980 Corvette! Not many 18-year olds can claim to own a Vette, and fewer 16-year olds could either – but that’s when Conner started his build!

The Details

Conner’s story starts as many others do – he was looking for a project he could work on with his father that would also serve as his first vehicle once completed. When he was a High School Junior, he and his father came across an eBay ad for a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette that had been rusting away in a Florida field for many years. It was the perfect base vehicle, despite needing lots of attention.

When Conner and his father got it home, they began to tear into their new project and started out by replacing the entire suspension and giving the original engine some repairs. Conner’s heart was set on using the original L-82 engine, but those plans were retired when they discovered that the original owner had broken the block.

Conner set out for a replacement and purchased a crate 350 from Phoenix Engines. Conner had a lot of help getting his new engine to run right, and credits his father and House of Hot Rods for all of their help. Not only does the new engine perform better than the tired old L-82 they removed, but the new 350 really makes the engine compartment spring to life!

Now that the duo had their engine all squared away, Conner decided the time had come to tackle the interior of the vehicle – which was in equal need of some major repairs. Just looking at the photos Conner sent, you can really get an idea of just how long this vehicle was left to sit in disrepair, just waiting for a second chance in it’s life.

Conner and his father removed the seats and set them aside, then stripped out the ratty carpet and gave the interior a thorough cleaning. Once the interior had been cleaned, they replaced all the carpet and cleaned the original OEM seats and re-installed everything. The results are pretty amazing, given what the vehicle looked like before. As happy as Conner is with how the interior turned out, his future plans include replacing the seats, the dashboard and the AC and heat.

Now that engine and interior were complete, Conner brought his Corvette to House of Hot Rods for a new, brilliant paint job that makes the car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor! Conner has had his vehicle for two years now, and tells us he’s enjoying every second of it with plans on attending as many car shows as he can. He also swears that despite being his first vehicle, he has no intention of ever parting with it.

Congrats again to Conner for submitting his vehicle for Ridez and for winning the Motorz-branded car cover from Covercraft.

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Check out more photos of Conner’s classic Vette below!


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