Insanity Unleashed: Meet The 1,032HP Hennessey Hellcat

Hennessey Dodge Charger Hellcat HPE1000

You know all those times you drive a Charger Hellcat and think, man, I really wish this had substantially more power? Well clearly John Hennessey does, because his newest creation, the Hellcat HPE1000 doesn’t add 100 ponies to the ‘Cat. Or 200. Not even 300. Nope. This upgrade adds a cool, minty-fresh 325 horsepower on top of the Charger’s 707 factory horses. All with a warranty. Here’s how he did it….

The supercharger sitting on top of the 6.2L HEMI V8 is powerful enough to be heard from other states. But when you’re heading to 1,032 hp, it just won’t do. So to make the already insane car fully asylum ready, Hennessey added twin turbos that work together with the supercharger. At a relatively tame 15 psi, that’s enough to bring 0-60 times down to 2.7 seconds. The quarter mile? That’s over in nine point nine. In a completely streetable, pump-gas Dodge you can use to drop the kids off at school.

Hennessey Dodge Challenger Hellcat HPE1000

Of course, when the power numbers get that prolific, a huge amount of hardware needs to be beefed up or replaced entirely. For the HPE1000, that includes a high-flow air-to-water intercooler, stainless steel headers and downpipe, high flow fuel pump, high performance injectors, HPE engine management, high flow air filter and quite a lot more.

You’ll even drive home directly from Hennessey’s shop with a one year, 12,000 mile warranty. For complete peace of mind, the team performs up to 100 miles of road testing to ensure installation and performance are flawless.

Ready to guaranteed, 100 percent kiss your drivers license goodbye? No problem: just write a check for $55,000 on top of the cost of your Hellcat (Charger or Challenger). We suggest hurrying up, though. Hennessey stated they’ll only be making 12 2016 model year HPE1000’s. If you do happen to get one, please oh please, feel free to drop us a line. We’ll happily help you break in that first set of tires (and, most likely, tickets).

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