Hypertech’s Max Energy Diesel Programmer Dials In Performance

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 9.14No matter what manufacturer you bought your diesel truck from, one thing is for certain: it has pretty incredible power. However, there is even more potential locked away under the hood. Rather than relying solely on aftermarket bolt-on components, using an engine programmer allows you to instantly modify the specs of your engine and transmission. There may be quite a few programmers on the market, but few offer the sheer capability of the Max Energy Power Programmer from Hypertech.

The Max Energy Programmer offers seven specific areas of modification. The foremost and likely most critical is the ability to tune your engine’s power. Three stages of tuning are offered, each amplifying your towing and overall performance potential. Yet, even at the highest settings, EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures) are kept at safe levels when towing maximum manufacturer-specified weight. This combination of performance and safety simply isn’t found in other programmers.

Beyond engine tuning, the Max Energy aids greatly in calibrating the speedometer of your truck. If you’ve installed different sized tires, a new transmission, etc., the vehicle may not be registering correct speeds. With the programmer, it’s a simple process to reboot your vehicle’s onboard computers to correctly track speed. A similar process is used to modify your truck’s top speed. Manufacturers limit top speed based on a variety of factors, the biggest being tire ratings. If you’ve installed tires that are above or below the factory rating, you can now adjust the top speed accordingly.

When towing, having a finely tuned transmission is one of the most important steps. With the Max Energy, you can increase shift firmness to increase max performance or to reduce clutch slippage and oil temperature. This leads to not only a more potent transmission, but considerably longer transmission life. For even more precise programming, you can adjust shift points in every gear by 100 rpm increments. This easily can improve engine performance, 1/4 mile times, quicker overall acceleration, and even towing capability.

These are only a few of the many features the Max Energy Programmer offers. To learn more and to buy head to the Hypertech website and visit our Partz page. See Chris talk about the programmer in the video below!


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