HP Tuners Take Car Tuning To A Different Level

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.14.38 AMVehicle tuning can take on a variety of forms. Basic ECU flashes and handheld units are common, providing anything from a basic reboot to fine tuning recent modifications. But what if you’re looking for a little bit more? When you’re serious about tuning every aspect of your vehicle’s performance, HP Tuners has quite the answer.

Welcome to the HP Tuners VCM product line. For hyper-accurate data logging, the VCM Scanner allows you to view, chart and log data in real time. In addition to performance measurements, the fully-featured OBD II scanning tool can also help interpret Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). As far as logging vehicle data goes, it’s hard to find more bang-for-your-buck than with the VCM Scanner.

That is of course, until you’re ready to use that data for milimetrically-precise vehicle tuning. That’s where the VCM Suite comes into play. Made for both auto enthusiasts and full-on professional shops, this tuner allows you to view, fine-tune and/or alter virtually every aspect of your vehicle’s performance. Unlike the majority of handheld tuners, you can plug the VCM directly into your laptop. That capability allows you to not only tune hundreds of aspects but also download internet updates. Plus, along with those functions, you’ll also have the data logging tools of the VCM Scanner.

This is only the tip of a technological iceberg. To learn more about both the VCM Scanner and Suite, head over to the HP Tuners website. To see Chris get hands on with the VCM Suite, check out the Motorz episode below.


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