How to get to the battery in a 2010 Chevy Camaro (S02E-Quick Tip: 02)

This Motorz TV Quick Tip shows you how to get to the battery in the trunk of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

It’s in the trunk, so what?

A lot of vehicles place the battery in the trunk as opposed to the engine compartment.  There are many benefits to this, mainly weight distribution and it keeps the battery cooler because it’s not positioned directly next to the engine, so the battery lasts longer.

Don’t shut that trunk!

We did this Quick Tip not because the battery is difficult to get to, but because there’s a design issue with the 2010 Camaro and I wanted to make sure Camaro owners knew about it… because I got hit with it myself.  Once you disconnect your battery, do not close your trunk! Since there is no keyhole in the trunk to open it with a key, and the push button on the driver’s door to open the trunk runs off electricity (not to mention the button on your remote won’t work either), there’s no way to open it back up!

Trunk monkey to the rescue!

I did this and as soon as I heard the trunk slam closed I said to myself, “oh crap!”  I’m always eager to break out my Sawzall, but I don’t think the owner would have appreciated that method of opening it back up. In order to open the trunk back up, I had to call upon my skinny daughter to navigate her way into the back seat, pull it down, then climb into the trunk to pull on the trunk release handle.  It was quite a learned lesson!

The larger concern here is this scenario: what happens if your battery dies on you, and your trunk is jam-packed full of so much stuff that you can’t get to the trunk release?  Time to whip out the Sawzall for real!

There’s no spare in there!

You were probably wondering where the spare tire is, if the cavity is occupied by the battery.  Well, the truth is that there isn’t one.  If I had to guess, the 20″ wheel on the Camaro is too large and heavy to put in the trunk.  It lightens the load quite a bit for a performance-minded vehicle like this, plus it’s cheaper to produce!

  1. Battery in the trunk? Are the designers smokin pot or something as they come up with ideas on where to put engine components? I sure think they are because this is a retarded idea! Just one more reason added to the list as why GM is going rock bottom (bankrupt).

  2. What's wrong with putting the battery in the trunk? Do you need regular access to your battery? Do you hate better weight distribution? Do you have a problem with being able to easily change all your spark plugs on such a big engine? I don't. I wish they'd have put it in the trunk on the 2002 models, too.

  3. Jason~ if you get a blowout your screwed until a tow truck shows. Tow = $100, New tire = $100-200, Labor= $5 Usually, New sport cars use nitrogen in tires = About $5, And to top it off you got to pay tax. I work as a automotive technician you'll be surprised how many blowouts come into the shop. I've already lost count for this month alone. Also many people have all sorts of runout on their tire(s) due to poor maintenance. Now that is only a tire. If your battery dies then you got a big problem. i have absolutely no problem changing out spark plugs in any type of engine. As for weight distribution i could care less. There is always more than one way to distribute the weight.

  4. GM offered a spare as on option (I think) for those who weren't happy with the compressor. If my battery dies, I'll open the door with the key and crawl through the back the same way Chris's daughter did. As for blowouts… I'll cross that bridge when I get there (while hoping I won't have to). Then again, if I end up with a flat and a dead battery…

  5. not….it's snowing, it's late night, cold temps, trunk is full of skis, vacation luggage, packed full, somebody left the lights on and drained the battery, you need a jump, but you have to unload all your gear, to get the jumper cables happening. No thanks…. please don't tell me about a 'jump' via the cigarette lighter, (is there one?) is the auto trans sealed so you can't check the level? Sounds like a heavy car, looks like it's on steroids. how much is a set of 4 new tires? $800? can i get one without the onstar thingy? just trying to save money that's all

  6. It's a Camaro…Where you going to put your ski's? Better yet take a SUV that would haul more and be more appt to driving in snow…DUH!

  7. If you get locked out of the trunk of your 2010 Camaro can’t you connect a 12v source directly to the starter to unlock?

  8. moi, Theres a jump post in the engine bay so if all you need is a jump you just pop the hood. The only reason to need to get at the battery is to replace it. GM has some nice stuff and they aren’t the only manufacturer to do this with the batter. My buddy has a really nice Chrysler 300 and it’s battery is in the trunk too. It really is easier on the battery to keep it further from the heat of the engine. It’s just something new so the immediate reaction is to hate it because it isn’t how it is done by most. It doesn’t bother me in the least to have the battery in the trunk.

  9. Keys locked in trunk on convertible 2011 ss rental….any ideas? Top is down no spare keys, no onstar.

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