Hot and Cold: Installing Katzkin DegreeZ Heating and Cooling

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.50.08 PMAs we’ve posted before, Jeeps are incredible off-road companions. If you live in a northern climate, high clearance and all-wheel drive are a match made in heaven for snow. Factory seats without heating are a slightly different story. Ready to make your Wrangler a true all-rounder? Welcome to Katzkin DegreeZ: seat heating and cooling for Katzkin leather interiors.

We’ve covered Katzkin leather interiors in-depth before, from benefits to installation. Put simply, these full interiors are second to none, even factory finishes. Made specifically for your vehicle, each leather set can be had in a variety of colors, trims, etc. Due to the millimetric precision of the leather, unless you have experience with leather work, we recommending leaving installation to trusted experts.

In addition to a full leather interior, you can now add on the DegreeZ heating and cooling system. This compact yet powerful system installs unnoticeably underneath a Katzkin leather seat cover. Operated by a single single switch (identical to OEM units), the system allows for six total settings, three for heating and three for cooling. This option allows for you to add seat climate control even to vehicles that aren’t available with it from the factory.

As is the case with full interior installs, we recommend leaving this one to the pros or having an experienced buddy lend a hand. For more information on DegreeZ heating and cooling, plus all Katzkin offerings, check out their official website. For a full overview and details on installation, check out the Motorz episode below!


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