Horschel Motorsports Fluidampr

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 11.54Your engine is an incredible powerful piece of machinery, producing large quantities of both torque and horsepower. However, a side effect of the combustion engine is mass vibration. In order to keep vibrations in check, vehicles come with dampers to lessen the effect. Not all dampers are made the same, though, and if you want a high-performance unit, Horschel Motorsports has the solution.

With the Fluidampr, also known as a harmonic balancer or harmonic damper, more impact from the crankshaft will be absorbed. This leads to much less vibration and with it a smoother engine idle. This decrease will also lead to less wear and tear on your engine since it is being put under less stress. Looking for better fuel milage? Since more engine vibrations lead to worse MPG, the Fluidampr reverses the issue. Thus, you’ll see better performance and better fuel milage.

Better yet, Horschel Motorsports has designed the Fluidampr to work specifically well with high-performance engines, both gas and diesel. Tested to work well over 6,000 rpm, Horschel even offers a Race Series of dampers for vehicles that will be seeing large horsepower, torque, track time or all of the above.

For more information on the Fluidampr head to the Partz page here at Motorz or watch Chris review the damper below.

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